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Once upon a time, it used to be that the category titles actually described what was really posted in that category. No longer. Here's a partial "State of Craig's List" run-down:

Missed Connections: Mostly posts that should be in General Community but for the fact that MC folks think they're too young and hip to be bothered with posting on General Community or the concept of categorization in general, BAYWOLF spams, bars trying to place an ad cleverly disguised as a missed connection, lost and found postings, and a few actual missed connections.

General Community: Ads, job postings by people and businesses too cheap to pay Craig's List for the one thing that helps keep Craig's List afloat, events that should have been posted in "events", classes that should have been posted in "classes", looking for activity buddies that should have been posted in "Activity Partners", BAYWOLF spams, cyber-begging, "I'm really cool. Give me a job." postings, and genuine General Community posts.

M4W: Men who used to post in Casual Encounters but got so fed up from being hit on by men who didn't know what "WOMEN ONLY" meant, that they've tried targeting their booty call ads by placing them in the M4W LTR section. Repeat posts from men who are undaunted and undiscouraged by the fact that the kind of woman they're asking for is already well-employed in the film or porn industries and in no need of a date with them. Genuinely sweet M4W ads from men who haven't been around CL long enough to realize how heavily the odds are stacked against them.

Barter/Swap/Free: "Wanted" ads that should be in "General Wanted", "For Sale" ads from people who thought they deserved wider exposure, ads from people who want to "barter" goods for money, ads from businesses offering "free" this and that if you pay for something else, actual ads from people wanting to barter or generously offering things for free (that they'll probably have 2 people flake on appointments to pick up before the 3rd person actually takes it away).

Jobs: admin / office / csr : Posts from employers who want someone who speaks 3 languages, types 80 wpm, knows MS Office (PowerPoint especially) backwards and forwards, will pick their kids up from school (in their own car without expectation of being paid for gas, mileage, insurance or wear-and-tear), will shop for Valentine's Day gifts for their wife AND their mistress, handle a 15-line PBX system, do payroll and accounting, keep the office stocked and clean, have a cheery disposition, be willing to work unpaid overtime and do it all for $9 an hour. Posts from people who desire someone who's a "team player", can multi-task, thrives on a fast-paced environment, speaks 6 languages, can create their website, has mastery of all MS software, the ability to soothe the savage corporate breast of a CEO wildly lacking in social skills, can plan events for 300 people and up, and can create brilliant proposals and remain anonymous while their boss takes the credit - Ad declines to state the salary amount.

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