Originally Posted: 2003-01-29 11:27am

favorite this post 1998 Pimp-mobile

Sure, you've got the looks, the flavor and the benjamins but you just aren't THAT dope without the ultimate in pimp-daddy accessories. Tha Night Rider.

You need this ultra-mack 1998 E 430 sport in your stable.

Why roll up in anything less than this fine, black opal automobile?

It's got all the bling-bling you need:

275 HP V8
17" chrome wheels
Thumping Bose premium audio system with CD changer
Xenon headlights that tell them bee-hotches to get out tha way
It's only got about 33000 miles too, so it's mad tight yo.

I'm only unloading 'cause my playa license has been revoked and it is time to pass this hoopty on to an up and coming pimp.

Holler back if you are ready to elevate your game.

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