Originally Posted: 2003-01-20 00:00

Human Breast Milk (*Lots*) (Frozen)

Everyone already knows that breast milk is best. My wife has been overproducing for our new daughter; now I have 3 full freezers full of it that we won't use (with more coming.)

I'd like to sell this to anyone who would rather use real human breast milk than synthetic formula. They're frozen in 4 oz bottles, labeled with date of extraction. The earliest samples are from September 2002.

The mother has never used any tobacco products or alcohol. She does not drink coffee or soda, and hasn't been sick at any time during the extraction of the milk that is for sale.

If you're interested, let me know how much you'd like and what you're willing to pay. 25 cents per ounce seems reasonable to me. Note: this is not pastuerized milk-bank milk. Use at your own risk.

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