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SurfJet Motorized Surfboard

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1983 Surfjet

Bought this as a project a few years ago, motor was running but needed a new impeller. Spent $300 on the new impeller, gasket kit etc. to do the work and then life got busy and I never got around. Includes manual to do the work.

Powered by a Surfjet's exclusive SUBARU marine twin cylinder engine is a water-cooled 255 cc powerhouse. Reed valve intake, CDI ignition.

Overall Length: 7.9 ft
Overall width: 30.0 in.
Overall height: 18.0 in.
Overall weight: 120.0 Ibs
Flotation capacity: 300.0 Ibs

Power Head
Engine Type: Two cycle, water cooled, gas/oil mix
Number of Cylinders: 2
Bore and Stroke: 57mm x 50mm
Total Displacement: 255 cc
Compression Ratio: 7.2 : 1
Maximum Horsepower: 15 @ 5500 rpm
Carburettor: Horizontal Flow, Float Feed
Fuel Pump: Diaphragm Displacement, Crank Case Pressure Driven
Ignition system: Capacitor discharge ignition
Ignition timing: 10* - 25* BTDC
Spark Plug Type: NGK B-7HS

Extra Notes
It uses a 50:1 Gas/Oil ratio
Fuel tank holds 2 gallons
It has a brand new impeller
It does fine with a little bit of weeds but not too much just like any other jet ski or jet boat
I am not sure how many hours it has on it.

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