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Okay, so here's the deal:

I already know that a real lesbian - shit, I mean dyke (I gotta quit saying that, I sound so... so... un-sceney) - lives in the Mission. So I got the apartment right on Valencia (just like the book said!). Now was the difficult part... was I going to grow my hair out long and streak it with crazy colors and wear tight-fitting clothing and tons of makeup and be a femme... or was I going to cut it real short and dye it with crazy colors and wear baggy clothing and claim that I have NEVER worn makeup and be a butch - or boy - oops, boi? This was serious crunch time folks, because I was already starting to interview for my non-profit position promoting alternatives to pesticed usage in Guatemala. I have been told that I was on the butch/femme cusp, but that my rising sign was "dominance", so I invested a substantial amount of savings into Ben Davis, and off I went.

Some of my non-sceney friends explained that I should start listening to Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls... well let me just tell you, after consulting with some "underground urban" how-to dyke mags, I quickly learned that my musical repertoire required an Ani-obsession. No, no, don't get me wrong - I don't STILL listen to Ani, but I USED to... didn't we ALL listen to her at some point before our tastes matured to a more defined, local punk group like Tribe 8? But glam rock is an acceptable genre, no?

I registered democratic, no GREEN! I don't use a car, I just ride my bike up and down Valencia. I wouldn't touch Club Q with a ten-foot pole, Rebel Girl is okay sometimes, but not if it gets too much exposure. I am overtly concerned with civil rights (I even have one black friend whom I talk to on occasion).

OH GOD... I almost forgot the most prized component!! I got three tattoos and two piercings... Jesus, where are my priorities? I should have mentioned this early on. They are quite prominant so that it is obvious I am a non-conformist.

And I smoke... cigarrettes (pot is kinda passe I've been told), but Cocaine is still in.

So there you have it. I feel I've met all the requirements, am I in? Will you accept me? We can meet at the Lex to discuss initiation - or Zeitgeist... it's cool because it's the unexpected and inventive option, just like us!


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