Originally Posted: 2018-10-17 13:14

Apple Macintosh SE STONE CASTING

Apple Macintosh 512/Plus/SE Stone Casting

No my old Macintosh SE didn't turn to stone when it saw me wearing an Apple Watch.

This is a high quality casting of an early 1980's classic. I can't id the material but it looks a lot like concrete. I just haven't seen concrete castings of this quality or showing this much detail. Truly a one of a kind piece for the hard core Macintosh fan/evangelist. Don't let this one slip past you.You may not see another one.

Sorry, no keyboard, mouse, boot disks, software, or cord. A little dirty, excellent condition. Only chip I could find is pictured below. Very heavy and as solid as the rock it is...

Serious MAC inquiries only.

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