Originally Posted: 2018-06-08 18:49

Slow car/huge cargo bike for burning man

Hello bicycle weirdo!

I converted a car to be powered by bicycle. As you can see in the pictures, the engine has been replaced by a bike. The original transmission now has a cassette on it, and it still shifts (1-4, R and 5 are gone). The rest of the car has been stripped down, leaving only the rolling bits, exterior, driver's seat, brakes, and steering. I think it currently weighs about 900lbs. On the flats it's easier to pedal than expected-- we biked it up a (tiny) ~12% hill!

The "cargo bike" requires two to operate, one to pedal and one to steer. I have plans to make it single operator by attaching controls to the handlebars, but the project stalled when I moved to SF. The car is in Los Altos Hills.

I figured it'd be a waste to leave this sitting if someone's weird enough to want to take it to the playa. It is functional, but is certainly not a product, so whoever takes this should be mechanically-brave.

Some other details: the car is a suzuki (taylor) swift, the bike frame is fairly large (fit someone above >5'5"ish), the parking and normal brakes work great, the diff is welded and one axle removed so the bike only powers the driver side wheel, the interior has tons of space and doesn't leak, the lights should still work (harness is intact), and the car is registered in my name.

In exchange for having the coolest cargo bike/slowest car on the playa, I request that you organize pickup from Los Altos Hills, donate some amount to charity (let me know which one, amount negotiable), and send me pics of it on the desert.

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