Originally Posted: 2005-03-06 4:16am
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Our beautiful girl was adopted from the SPCA at the age of four months. We were the third family to adopt her. She's part Australian cattle dog, pitbull, boxer, Jack Russell terrier, and more. our vet says. She was very aggressive at first, killing a bird and a large rat outside in the first few months, even hurting (not seriously) our cat once. But she was also very nervous and unsure of herself.

But with patience, training, and lots of love, she has turned out to be the best dog ever. She takes naps with our cat on my bed, nuzzles our bird right up against the cage, and is so happy and smart.

And I'm sorry to say ... we are keeping her.

Yeah, that's right. Suckers.

We found a place in SF through CL that allows critters and would never, ever live anywhere we couldn't bring her.

She was hurt while running in the off-leash section of a dog part here in SF and a man fell on her, but we took her to the SPCA for x-rays - she is fine, just a sprain - and they allowed us to make payments.

What I'm saying is that you enter into a covenant with these wonderful creatures for a lifetime; sadly their lifetime is more fragile than ours.

I'm absolutely disgusted at some of you folks here passing animals around like trading cards. Look into their eyes. If humans had half as much integrity as animals, our world would be a beautiful place.

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