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favorite this post World Series tickets in exchange for doing something you do already! hide this posting unhide

There is a good chance I will be getting a pair of World Series tickets for games 4 & 5 at Pac Bell. I will know for sure on Thursday. The seats are in upper reserved - in the high 320s or low 330s.

If I able able to acquire these tickets I would like to barter them for healthy sperm. I am currently trying to get pregnant and for reasons that are none of your business I must acquire Sperm from a donor. Frozen donor sperm from a reputible sperm bank runs about $250-$350 a vial and the insemination process requires two vials a month. Frozen sperm is not as successful at achieving pregnancy as fresh sperm. Fresh, healthy sperm thus is a valuable commodity to me. If you agree to be a donor note that the donation will absolutely positively NOT be made the "old fashioned way." You would have to perform the donation at a licensed sperm bank of my choosing (we can find one convenient to your location). You would be required to sign three agreements concerning the absolute relinquishment of any and all rights to your sperm or any child produced of your sperm. You would also be relieved of any obligations to the child. You would agree that the child would learn, or not learn, your identity at any time at the sole discretion of me and/or the child's other legal parent. You would agree not to attempt to contact the child in any way yourself, but you would also agree to allow the child to contact you at least once in his/her life and you would agree to meet with the child at least once, at my discretion until the child is 18, or at the child's discretion once the child has reached age 18. You would be required to have an extensive physical exam, and you would be required to turn over all information obtained in that physical exam, as well as other miscellaneous medical records to me. You must sign an affidavit regarding questions about the medical history of your immediate blood family members. You must sign an affidavit regarding your non-use of drugs during the time you are a donor. You must be under 35 years old. You must refrain from ejaculation 24 hours before performing any donation (if you're very fertile and there's no impact on your sperm count after testing we can forgo this requirement). You would be called into perform your donation potentially monthly for a minimum of six months on a regular basis, subject to my ovulation cycle. You will have to sign an agreement that states that if for some reason I choose not to use your sperm to become pregnant, or if I have extra once I become pregnant, I may dispose of the donated sperm as I choose, including, but not limited to, re-selling the sperm to the sperm bank, selling or giving the sperm to another woman attempting to get pregnant, or giving the sperm to "science" for research purposes.

This is a business transaction only- a trade of a valued commodity for World Series tickets.

I will not make this part of the legal agreement, but you can bet that the child will be raised a Giants fan!


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