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Doberman (or miniature) PINSCHER -- note the "S" in the second word
PIT BULL -- 2 words, 1 "T"
TERRIER -- not "terror" or "terrior"
STAFFORDSHIRE -- btw, there is no such things as "English pit bulls" or "Staffordshire pit bulls"
ROTTWEILER -- 2 "T"s, and "E" before "I"
DACHSHUND -- it's German, what can I say
POODLE -- not "poddle"
PUPPY=singular, PUPPIES=plural
Puppies have their DEWCLAWS removed; they are not "declawed"
And, if by some miracle you are actually responsible enough to place an altered animal, the correct spelling is NEUTERED and can be used for male or female animals (though traditionally it is used for males only since it sounds nicer than "castrated"), but only a female is SPAYED. A "spade" is a garden tool.

The dollar sign ($) goes BEFORE the amount. For example, "I am asking $1500 for my un-tested 4-week-old mixed breed puppies."

And you really can't ethically call it an "adoption fee" unless basic medical care is covered (*spay/neuter*, CURRENT vaccines, deworming, microchip, etc.) AND there is a contract to go with the fee. Otherwise, don't try to pat yourself on the back by telling us you're "adopting out" your puppy. Say it like it is and offer the dog "for sale."

I hope this has helped.

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