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Originally Posted: 2002-10-11 03:05

penis size education

sorry to continue this, but i wanted to fill everyone in on some of the "penis size by race" stuff that's been popping up in some posts...

it's a myth. except when referring to flaccid states, which is probably the source of the mythology (most men see other mens' penises when flaccid). asian men have smaller flaccid penises, african men bigger, and euro-caucasions are in the middle. the "purest" genotypical asians are found in mongolia, where it's very cold. east asians are genetically adapted to dealing with a harshly cold climate, which is why they have epithentric folds in their eyelids and more fat tissue in their faces (both of which help insulate heat). amongst these heat-conserving physical traits is having their penises shrink up (like what happens when in cold water) when "not in use". people of african descent are genetically adapted to living in hot sunny climates, which is why they have more melanin in their skin (blocks UV rays), and are more likely to have a low body fat percentage. there's no need for their penises to contract for heat conservation. and euro-caucasions are somewhere inbetween in terms of their genetic adaptation to heat/cold. race is not a factor in erect penis sizes.

the whole "black=big", "asian=small" myth is also rascist in nature, in that it implies that all black men are wild sex-obsessed animals and asian men are asexual and unmasculine (both these concepts are widely projected in our media & culture in many forms other than penis size). the proof this is inherently rascist is the common belief of the remaining race's penis size... "in white men there's variety".

some other interesting notes on this:

purely statistically speaking, asian men have slightly shorter penises, but not because of race, but because of height. it would be more accurate to say that, generally speaking, shorter men have slightly shorter penises. there is evidence of a VERY SLIGHT correlation between penis length and body height, and on average, asian men are shorter than caucasion and african men. one note about this: asians are not genetically short... it's primarily a result of traditional asian diets (during childhood) which lack the dairy and protein prevalent in western diets. it is also because of this meat & dairy lacking diet that asian americans are less likely to develop heart disease or hypertension. also, the slight difference in penis size due to short vs. average height is menial (around half an inch).

according to most surveys, caucasions have larger penises than black men, which is probably due to the height correlation. in the U.S., white men are on average taller than black men, which is probably due to economic factors (wealth affects childhood nutrition, which affects height).

most men's concern about penis size is more about unconscious male-to-male competition issues than it is about attracting/pleasing women (my theory, at least).

according to one survey, a large percentage of black men in western countries with average sized penises believe they are well endowed. an effect of the projected mythology? or maybe a result of shower room flaccid comparisons.

a possible early source of the black penis mythology was a sensationalized and widely spread report by a victorian era british anthropologist that found an african man in ethiopia with a 10 inch penis. i remember reading somewhere that there's an ethnic group in east africa which is known for having longer than average penises.

many straight male porn stars have only slightly bigger than average penises, and are shorter than average, which makes their penises look relatively big. watch for when they stand up next to the woman.

using penis pumps may result in erection problems (bigger penis tissue, but same amount of blood to fill it).

in my own personal experiences, women are horribly inaccurate when they guess the size of a lover from memory. they usually overguess by an inch or so. especially if he was good in bed (a sad commentary).

and i've saved the best for last...
in most penis size surveys in which the men self-measure, the average erect length comes to around just over 6 inches. in a survey in which a third party did the measuring, the average erect length came out as just over 5 inches.

and if anyone's wondering how the hell i know all this, it's because i was going to make a documentary film on the american male's obsession with penis size (but i went flaccid on the idea). long live the penis.

my MC: that beautiful girl who walks down hayes in the morning who looks super hot in her red pants.

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