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favorite this post SUV convert

Ok, i have lived a pretty pure and spiritual life, vegan, kind to all creatures, even roaches and mosquitoes, i meditate daily, do yoga and tai chi, help the poor, work for a non-profit , vote green, support tht rights of all people, recycle, ride my bike or muni, never bought fur or animal products, i wear earth friendly crystals and hemp clothing, etc etc...

Being so evolved i too see the wastefulness of Suv's but refuse to sit in judgement of those less evolved than me that cant see how destructive the choice to own a SUV is.

However lately i have noticed my aura has a dark spot growing down near the 3rd chakra...now at first i thought it was the neptune pluto transit in my astrology chart or perhaps i was picking up some the bad vibes from the space aliens that are working with the bush regime to dominate the world,or perhaps my inner child needed to go play in the mud, but after deeper meditation i awakened to the reality that i had allowed a small seed of judgementalness to enter my being. Yes i have become judgemental of those who drive SUV's . Now being the eveolved being that i am i realize that i am what disturbs me so i now must embark on the path of embracing that which i hate.

I now must aquire an suv and walk the path of oil indulgence in order to free my soul of this evil before it grows and consumes me. Working for a non-profit however presents a problem in that i will not be able to purchase an suv so in the spirit of craigslist, i will greatfully accept a donation of a suv in exchange for good karma.

your graciousness in helping me overcome this weakness is greatly appreciated and many blessing upon you and your family for this act of healing.

but please make sure you clean it before you donate it cause any bad vibes or animal hair or emty beer bottles will only upset me my fragile aura even more.

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