Originally Posted: 2002-09-30 21:44

A open letter to my son

Well Son, I think you would be proud of me today. I traded your surf pole and the extra reel for a computer for your daughter Raven . You know since you died I haven’t gone fishing or camping and our equipment has just sat in storage so I thought I might as well pass them on to someone who would put them to good use. A couple of months ago Raven and Brandi were playing around on Brandi’s computer and Raven really liked it and wanted one so I told her I will try to get one for her. So I thought what better way to share our stuff than to give them away I thought you would like that.
Sometimes I sit at the cliffs and remember when we used to climb them at shout at the world we were king of the mountain and I can see your face smiling when you reeled in a fish and laughed. I no longer climb those cliffs I guess I’m getting too old. Your sisters don’t care much fishing or camping but I guess you know that so I thought I might as well do something about our gear sitting in storage gathering dust.
The young man I traded with is your age or you would have been , he seemed to be a good kid. He likes to work on cars like you did and fish so I guess that makes him ok in my book. There is some other people I am going to give the rest to but that is later.
Well I just gave away the last of our stuff to a young guy and his girl friend and they promised to use them a lot. Well son I have to go , your mom and I miss you a lot .
Love Dad

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