Originally Posted: 2002-09-30 1:32pm
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So as most of you know, craigslist rocks, cause it brings the good kind souls of this city together and creates a community of sharing. Well i placed an add looking foe a free futon cause im a poor starivng writer struggling against the opperesion of the rich and powerful.

So what i thought was a kind soul showed up to deliver my free futon he was driving a SUV ...yes a one of the big ones and on top of that he had a bumper sticker that said vote republican and meat wrappers from the evil mcdonalds corporation on the floor board so i know he wasnt an enlightned vegan like most of the cool dudes on craigslist.

I was so shocked to see this, my heart was pounding and i almost threw up. Im so ashamed that my neigbors saw me with this person. I had to accept the futon as i really need one and have been sleeping on the floor but am freaked that some of my neighbors saw mw with w SUV driving type. I feel so dirty and violated. What can i do? Can anyone recomend a free therapist to help me work through this trama? And what do i do with this futon? Its got such bad karma i dont feel right pasing it on to another person.

Oh yeah and if anyone can spare a few twentys bars to cover my rent as i wont be able to work with this stressing my head, and some 420 that would be very much apreciated and help me though this tramatic situation. I also need a new laptop if anyone has one sitting around and wants some good karma.

And it looks like i still need a new futon so i can get rid of this one with all the bad mojo.

i really appreciate all your kind help in advance and offer my thanks and good karma with lots of love and light to any who can help.

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