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The angriest, most unfriendly, pissy, dare I say bitchy (don't hurt me!) portion of Craigslist! Where drama rules supreme 24/7. Hey you can't make it to the club? No problem! WSW has all the drama you can't get enough of. Why bother with $10 covers when the bullshit here is free? Where finding a woman who is actually a woman or for anything more than a one time fuck is about as likely as Colin Powell winning the bronze in female gymnastics. Where no one is above a good flame no matter how benign the topic! Ask someone for a movie date and see how quickly you too can be called a cunt bitch motherfucker! Don't have a pic? That's coo.. just send someone else's, it happens. Check our extensive selection of action, adventure, drama, romance, and miscellany verbal abuse...

Bottom seeks Top

Top seeks Bottom

How dare you pt. 2


POLY: Plenty O' Lovin' Yeah!

People, we MUST chill!

Home wreckers have feelings too


re: re: re: re: fuck you!-oh yeah right bitch!

One again, I find myself in the position of speaking on behalf of the entire lesbian community on this one

MC: the cute girl wearing the shirt at ..fuck it I was drunk and can't remember

Anything about the Lex grabs my attention

I'm posting my horrible breakup on Craigslist

My desperate plea for a real butch

I'm about to say something really offensive in this post, but don't flag me

You better be ready to fuck by the 4th email

I'm cute, so can I use your truck to move my small 4 bedroom apt?

In addition to my previous posting I would like to remind potential applicants, NO FUCKING MEN

Horny bitch just wants it anyway she can get it

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and everyone will know about it

I'm looking for love and ...hello hello?

I'll do anything with you this afternoon as long as 420 is involved

Another generic bi seeking bi ad *giggle*

Condescending remarks about you by an anonymous strangers

cn't spell woth sht

M.J. You're not getting away with it this time you dirty whore

A post about how great my ...er this club is!

I'm 18, BuT EvErYoNe tHiNkS i AcT lIkE i'M 26!

God I'm fucking brilliant and live in Berkeley

The plea for peace posting that comes at the end of a flame war that no one reads

How I'm dating 4 different women and can't stand drama

I'm feeling the need to publicly humiliate my ex using only her first and last initials even though all our friends will know its us

Hey East Coast girl, go back to Wyoming or Texas or another East Coast State..ha!

I am here to stir up trouble and leave

4 back and forth posts about how we hate each other

I've never been tested for STD's a day in my life and I'm clean

Will barter a massage for just about anything

You dropped me like a bad habit and I'm still madly in love with you

One sentence about my good looks, send pic.

I'm innocent and dying to touch you, but we'll have sex at the turn of the millenium ...maybe...

Find out why they call it Dyke Drama! The madness, the passion, the ecstasy! Remember to slap the girl next to you on the way out!

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