Originally Posted: 2002-08-25 11:28pm

favorite this post I am a Gorilla Artist

800-lb gorilla, silverback male
Experience painting kitty and using kitty to paint.

New to protest idea, could be fun.... me get banana?
Me hear president is moron. What is moron? What is president?
Can use to paint?


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Date: Sun Aug 25 23:11:03 2002

are there any gorilla artists out there who are doing anything to make an anti-war statement? how about 'educating' the public on what a moron our president actually is?
i am frustrated as hell at what is going on in this country right now and instead of just posting 'rants' on Craigslist for a small number of people to see, i want to do something radical for everyone to see!
i would like to join a group, if one exists. i AM serious about this.

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