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Weekly paid third spot in tent, Golden Gate Park

$50/week for third spot in tent, now through end of November trial period, Golden Gate Park.

About us: Two working males, one works day shift in service industry, other works night shifts in tech, both of us work part time as paid yelp reviewers for some extra spending money, so yea, we're both career oriented you could say. Looking for a third tent mate who is equally driven to help keep us mentally sharp.

About the tent: Second generation, made for two people but one of us is relatively small and both of us stay fairly still while asleep so should be enough space for your liking, we measured and you should have about 3'x5' (~15sf) to do what you please with. Tent moves location throughout the week to keep fresh. Nearby cafe's usually for use of wifi. Usually short walk to public transport.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Hey, if your tent is set up in a park, then you guys aren't even paying weekly, why should I? Why don't I just buy a tent and not pay you? Don't you just want another friend to chill with while each other are at work? What am I getting out of this?"

Our answer, "Yes, Yes, Yes."

Sure we might not be paying for our rental location, but fairness is in the details.
What will your $50 be getting you?
*24/7 on site security provided by us.
*Guaranteed life lessons, at least 2 per week.
*Community atmosphere.
*Networking opportunities.
*Again, cannot be stressed enough, we will be able to protect you most likely.

Required qualities we're looking for:
*Good credit score
*Heart of a champion
*Generally a good heart
*Drama free
*Someone who won't bring the party home
*Respect boundaries and personal space

If interested, contact us by email. Only serious inquiries please. In response, provide a brief bio and why you think you would be a good fit. First and last week plus one weeks worth of tent deposit will be expected up front. Applicants must provide credit check, proof of income, and previous landlord or tentlord references.

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