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Don't Mess With The Old Chinese Women!

I grew up in San Francisco. Moved out several years ago due to all the ridiculous changes, taxes and unbelieveably undesireable political atmosphere.

Here's one of the reasons which has made HATE San Francisco:

About 18 years ago I was riding the 30 Stockton bus heading downtown, standing room only (as usual). I am tall, so I could see over the largely (probably 95%) asian population inside the bus, who all seemed to be hacking their lungs out without covering their mouths (nice).

So we stop at Sacramento Street (just before the tunnel), and a whole group of people want to push on to the bus. Everybody at the stop manages to squeeze in when there is a bit of a commotion at the front.

An old Chinese lady (I am assuming she was Chinese) was holding in her hand a live chicken. She was holding it by the feet and, as a chicken in such a situation would do, this particular chicken was squawking up a storm.

The bus driver (a large African-American gentleman; this was back before a majority of the drivers became asian) was standing up, pointing at the squawking chicken, telling the lady, "Hey! You can't come on the bus with a live chicken!"

Anyone who believes the Chinese people (or asian people) in San Francisco cannot understand english is completely naive. They understand. Oh yes they do.

This old lady locks her gaze squarely with the driver, and after seeming to study him for a moment, lifts the squawking chicken and suddenly swings it with all her might >SMACK!< in to the side of the bus.

Dead ... silence.

Not a single person spoke, or moved, or even breathed. We all heard it, and most of us saw it. I could see the blood dripping gently from the chicken's head.

And then, gathering up all of her pride, the old Chinese woman stepped on to the bus, directly under the gaping jaw of the bus driver, and took her place standing at the front of the bus next to the rest of the crowd (which although space-limited gave her a wide berth) WITH A DEAD, BLEEDING CHICKEN IN HER HAND.

The bus driver sat down and closed the door, and the entire bus-load of horrified people were soon on their way.


This is a true story. I have told a lot of people this story over the years. If you heard it from someone, I am the guy who saw it actually happen.

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