Originally Posted: 2002-07-10 1:25pm
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I have decided to take myself out to dinner. I find myself attractive, fun, funny, fairly intelligent, not too much taller than myself and all-around easy to get along with. I very rarely argue with me about what I want for dinner or what I want to watch on TV. Typically I can hold myself all night long while I sleep, although sometimes I roll the wrong way and my arm falls asleep.
In the morning I wake up, shower and kiss myself, telling me to have a good day at work and that I look forward to seeing me when I get home. Don't worry if I'm late, dinner will be waiting.
As long as I don't get bored with the company of me. So far I have been okay with myself for company. Although, if I re-organize my sock drawer one more time I'll have to tell me its over. If you're interested in joining me for dinner or a drink, just let me know and I'll see if I'll be free for the evening. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your own company as much as I, or was that me?

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