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cats are OK - purrr

Small 1 br on a construction site.

Believe it or not, it comes with a small bath, too!

Also -- very little closet space, which is perfect for those of you who think a small 1 br is too big!

Work begins every morning at 7 a.m.

Well, somedays, they begin at 6:30 a.m.

There is a lot of dust and falling debris.

Don't worry though.

They finally posted the note that this is a lead project, so you can go down the street to the friendly people at Cole Hardware and get yourself one of those trendy masks and a new copy of Boggle.

I suppose I should disclose there's a lot of noise right now. Diesel-fueled tar furnaces and cement mixers. The usual.

Damn! My conscience is telling me to tell you to be prepared for the work crews. The overseers seem to round up a new bunch every day.

Invariably, though, they act as if they are working on an abandoned building. They like to yell everything -- like how drunk they were last night, and who they wished they had scored with, and the like.

Good to know what's on their mind, though, because these are the same guys you'll notice peeping through your bathroom window.

That is, when your windows are not enclosed in plastic and taped shut.

(Don't worry though. I've only noticed them lingering when I'm taking a shower or a sh*t. YMMV.)

Let's see: scaffolding shrowds the apartment in darkness and creates a risk that prowlers can circumvent security.

But they broke the front gate, too, so ... well ....

Parking: street parking in front of the building is reserved for the contruction crew, but you might be able to find parking several blocks away.

(It's about time you get some exercise, right?)

Only poor, misleading estimates on when this project will end.

I suppose you'll know they are finally done when the cost of this reconstruction is passed through to you in the form of a rent increase.

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