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Originally Posted: 2014-03-30 23:04

i found your stupid drone.

march 29. saturday night. 10pm.

your quadcopter must have crashed. i found it squirming around in the middle of Fulton Street. felt like i was picking up a wounded animal with it buzzin' all around, camera lookin' at me with its one eye, not sure if it was dead or alive.

it was weird...

i didn't want the damn thing flying around the apartment, bumping into me or creeping out my girlfriend [too late!] and her stoney [and slightly paranoid] roommates, so i pulled the battery, cut the power and turned off the wireless.

if you want it back and/or you dont want me to see what's on the SD card, email me with the specifics or i'm gonna turn around and sell it on ebay to another one of you chumps.

ciao ciao!

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