Originally Posted: 2004-08-12 12:39pm
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So sorry about your cat. It was an accident. You won’t return my calls, so here is my only chance. I hope you read this.
I felt truly terrible, but what can I do? What’s done is done. Sorry it had to happen on our first date.

I probably should have paid more attention. I suggest, first of all, that if you ever get another cat, it should be in contrasting color to your sofa. Also, you might have told me that your BLACK, old cat was sleeping on your BLACK old sofa. I appreciate the romantic set up of the warm candle light. But the light from one or two candles clearly wasn’t enough to reveal the cat.

The things you said about the size of my caboose were unnecessary. Yes, it is true that I am a fat old butch, but the way you used that truth to hurt me back said quite a bit about your vindictive personality. I didn’t plan on using my “big fat ass” to kill the cat. I know you were in shock, but do you even remember the things you screamed at me?

Didn’t you notice how I used my CPR training to try and revive him/her/it ???
The way you were running around the room with your hands flailing, tearing your hair out, I suppose it was hard to notice.

When all this blows over, lets try another date. I like you, and this experience could even bring us closer together someday. I have a great therapist.

Hoping you understand, J. M.

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