Originally Posted: 2004-08-08 1:43pm

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SWF, 27, petite (5'1"), very cute, very fun, long brown hair, green eyes (think Lisa Loeb-type). I'm looking for a smart, funny and outgoing cute guy who enjoys poignant political discussion along with some hot intense sex. (No, not at the same time... you know what I mean.)

I'm looking for the type of guy who could talk to me about both our country's lack of job growth, as well as your own penis growth without hesitation. :) I want someone who knows about stem cell research, and will enjoy my mouth on your, um, stem. I'd like to find someone who wants the US out of Iraq, but wants to play with my rack. I want a guy who wants to not only defeat Dubya, but lick bush. Is there a guy out there whose cock is as big as a Heinz ketchup bottle? A cool guy who wants to fight for peace, but let me inspect his piece?

I want a guy who has the smarts of Bill Clinton, and wants to treat me like Monica Lewinsky. But please have enough tact to remember that you had 'sexual relations' with 'that woman' (me) afterward.

Your campaign flier (i.e. photo) gets mine. Cuties with great smiles and big weenies will get my vote! Let's do it for our country!

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