Originally Posted: 2002-05-10 10:44

please don't buy my motorcycle - $4100

I don't want to sell it and you probably would crash it anyway. I mean, motorcycles are dangerous. Only the foolhardy go fast on two wheels. When I bought this bike, my dad (a former cop) solemnly informed me that "There are two kinds of motorcycle riders--those who have crashed and those who are gonna crash." Although his tight little adage has proven inacurrate in my experience, I believe that his message rings true. So, please, think carefully before you buy my bike.

My bike is such a good bike. It exhibits excellent hygiene and has proven completely reliable. It has made regular visits to the dealership for servicing. And, despite my foolhardiness, it has never been laid down, laid out or otherwise made to skid uncontrolled on pavement or dirt. It even has a top-box where I can put my helmet and gloves when I park it. Oh yeah, and it was designed by Germans to handle equally well both on-road and off-road (but, I can't attest to its performance off-road).

Anyway, you can probably tell I don't want to sell this 1998, white, BMW F650. And its not because it's in perfect condition or because it has low miles (+/- 7,800). I don't want to sell this bike because I love it. And it loves me. Besides, you would probably mess it up somehow.

But, if you promise to give it a good home and can come up with $4,100, you can have it. Finally, FYI, I've paid this sucker off already so there would be no hassle regarding title transfer and that kind of thing.

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