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Chicks will dig you with this black Stratocaster!

Guys: striking out with the ladies? Try accesorizing! How many times have you tried to get a girls phone number and failed because you didn't have a slick black U.S. made Fender Stratocaster strapped onto your shoulder?

This guitar was made in the early '90's and is well handsome. Here is a picture:


It includes a "hard case" (awww, yeah!) and a whammy bar! (if you know what I mean, wink wink!).

Also, this guitar was once played by movie star Gary Busey at a celebrity event in Telluride, Colorado. Busey, having once played "Buddy Holly" in the movies, still knew all the old Holly tunes, and his band was attending this event that my band was payed handsomely to play. During the break, he asked if he could do some songs, and who were we to say no? I don't have any pictures or anything, you're just going to have to believe me.

So don't delay! It's friday - let's get it on! Don't spend another weekend alone!

Oh, I suppose I could get maybe $500 for it? Or whatever. Just buy it already. I have to sell it because I got married and my old lady is sick of having all these girls hit on me because of my sexy guitar.


ps. If you are a woman, please do a "global search and replace" on this message, replacing all instances of "guys" with "ladies" and vice versa. I guarantee that this guitar has an equal opportunity, non-sexist amount of sex-appeal.

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