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First of all, I’d like to mention that I’m not trying to undercut the Toilet Bowl Brush that was listed for $4 under "Best of craigslist". In fact, I am now the proud owner of that brush - which, after the bridge toll and a parking ticket, actually cost me $57.

However, this recent purchase has left me with a toilet bowl brush surplus. The brush that I’m now selling has seen some use, but is remarkably clean in appearance and still has months if not years of bowl cleaning service left in it. It’s a basic brush with a white plastic handle and a U shaped business end. Purchased new at Walgreens, this item would set you back $2.49 - and that’s before tax!

Incidentally, this may not be most appropriate place to mention it, but I am looking for a girlfriend as well as for a buyer for this brush.

The brush I’m selling does not include a holder, but the gentleman who sold me my new (well, new to me) toilet bowl brush had some good ideas on how to improvise one. I’m including our entire dialogue below, as I think it's a fairly instructive guide to purchasing a used toilet brush - and based on a quick web search, little if any information is readily available on the subject.

This is my second posting of this ad. There was a flurry of interest after the first posting, but no one has actually followed through and bought it. My asking price is $1, but at this point I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer.

All names have been changed to protect our privacy, and I did obtain Cr*ig's permission in advance before publishing this dialogue.

Here was the original ad:

Toilet Bowl Brush - $4

Nice used toilet bowl brush with white scallop shaped plastic holder for sale.

Brush handle is crooked to reach the hard places.
The brushhead is circular, blue bristles at the tip and the rest are white. The tip bristles are sorta flattened out from use, but still highly effective in performing the job for which they were designed. It also has a soft grip that is shaped to fit your hand..this is leading edge bowlbrush technology.

This is a really nice brush, and the scallop-shaped holder just completes the upscale look of your toilet accessories (even if it is just plastic)

Well, what more can I say about this fine item? The only reason I am considering selling it is because I got a different style one for free that the neighbors left when they moved. For a while I had both in my bathroom and now I have decided that due to my need for cash I will part with this beloved brush and scallop holder.

I'm highly interested in your used toilet bowl brush with matching holder. I stupidly purchased a brush with no holder, which is a bit of an eyesore.

Do you have a photo of the brush and holder you could email me? If not, don't sweat it - I can almost picture it from your description.

Let me know if it's still available - thanks!
- Sc*tt

Hi Sc*tt,

You know, I did the exact same thing once (buying a toilet bowl brush without a holder). What I did was to take an empty gallon bleach bottle and fashioned it into quite a nice holder. I left the neck intact and just cut down thru it so it would 'snap' back in place and be held securely. The cut then widened out to about a 90 degree sized hole in the side of the bleach jug, plenty of room for the head of the brush to fit inside. If you are an artist you can then paste macaroni on the outside, or use some fancy sticky shelf paper.

Well, I dont have a digital camera or anything, but the brush and the white plastic scallop shaped holder are quite a nice set. Due to several people saying they wanted the item and then flaking out and not coming to see it or to pick it up and pay for it, I do in fact still own it. I gotta tell you right up front I want the entire $4 up front, I dont want to finance this thing (and frankly its uh the 27th and rent is comin up fast) so if you want to see this bowl brush or just say to me 'cra*g I want that toilet bowl brush with matching white plastic scallop holder' then I highly suggest you step up to the plate and bring your money. ( I will take coins but really just wanna take bills ok. and let me know in advance if you are gonna need change so I can be ready).

I live in the inner sunset and can arrange to meet up with you about any time. peace

Hi Cra*g,

Would you consider breaking up the set - that is, just selling me the plastic holder? I realize you'd have an easier time selling both together, so I'd understand if you were reluctant to do this. The thing is that I already have a toilet bowl brush (but not the holder, as I already mentioned), so if I bought the complete set that you're offering I'd wind up with an extra brush.

Worst comes to worst, I suppose I could always sell the extra brush on craigslist.

I am very interested, although I live in San Rafael and only make it down to the city once a week or so. I think I'll be in town on Friday, though, and close to the inner sunset. Are you going to be around Friday evening?


although I am disinclined to split up the toilet bowl brush set, I will be more than happy to help you with the gallon bleach jug conversion I mentioned. I dont have a life and I dont have any macaroni to decorate the jug, but I can get ahold of an empty gallon jug-white plastic but otherwise plain.
if you wanna hookup friday night and work on it, let me know.

Hi Cra*g,

Thanks for your kind offer to help me create and decorate a holder for my existing bowl brush. It sounds like a fun project, but I think I'm going more for a contemporary look in my bathroom rather than the arts-and-crafts look. All aesthetics aside, there's also the consideration of what happens when the macaroni gets wet - not pleasant to think about.

So, I've done some soul-searching and think I'd be better off with your complete set. It sounds like your schedule is pretty open - could tonight work for you instead of Friday? If it's alright with you, I'd like to bring a friend of mine to keep me from making any rash decisions.

Let me know,

There is a public restroom near the baseball diamonds in golden gate park, I could meet you there and bring the merchandise and you could take it for a test drive..god knows the place would be a challenge to even the most technologically advanced brush..

But, youre not gonna get a rash from my brush. I am very hygenic and have soaked it in pine sol and have also conducted a full pubectomy on the bristles to assure you of sanitation.

You and your friend arent gonna try to mug me and steal the brush and holder are you? or do unspeakable things to me? im not into that sorta stuff so just keep it on the up and up.

Hey, I appreciate the sanitiation measures - never a bad idea in the used toilet bowl brush trade.

But for all I know, this is all an elaborate set up for you to mug me and steal the $4. At some point, I think we have to trust each other. My friend, as I said, would just be coming along to help me avoid making a rash decision...oh, now I get it. Very good.

I'm waiting to hear back from my friend about when she'd be available, but I think tonight will work. The baseball diamond restroom sounds like a fine meeting spot, although actually using the brush would defeat your hygenic preparations.

well i work that restroom most of my free time so chances are i would be there.
but if you would rather have a set time just let me know.

I'm leaving out a few emails here, which were essentially logistical in nature. We arranged to meet at Cr*ig's apartment after deciding that Golden Gate park after dark might be too dangerous to conduct our business, worked out an elaborate codeword system ("Toilet" / "Brush") and the transaction itself occured quite smoothly - apart from the parking ticket.

However, after the sale, I was a bit disturbed to find this email in my inbox:


I've gotta be up front with you that i'm sorta suffering sellers remorse. It took a while to take care of my business this morning, and i was sitting there staring at the empty tile floor where the white plastic scallop shaped brush holder formerly resided..i was overcome with sadness that i had broken our relationship for a mere four us dollars.

So, at this point i am curious if you would consider selling it back to me for $4.25 or even $4.30. Thats a tidy profit for you. I am sorry i ever considered parting with this unit and have been obsessing on that texas woman who suffered post partum depression and well we both know how that turned out.

I dont have any problem with you putting this entire transaction on craigslist but i really would like to reconsider the sale. Please be humane and consider returning the item to my ownership. When i get my car fixed i will come pick it up and pay you the entire $4.25 in one cash payment.



I'm sorry to hear that you're regretting this sale. I can understand how you must feel - in just one use of this brush I've grown quite attached to it myself. However, given that I paid an additional $53 to obtain this brush over and above the $4 that I spent to purchase it (a bridge toll and a $50 parking ticket), I must regretfully decline your offer of $4.30.

What I would consider is the following: when your finances turn around, I would accept a new brush and holder in exchange for this old one that you are understandably attached to.

In the meantime, rest assured that your brush is being well taken care of. I did follow your reference to the woman in Texas who drowned her babies, but am not quite sure how that applies to this situation. I have no training in grief counseling, and trust that you would seek professional help if your emotional state is truly that fragile.

Take good care,

Given that I'm now in the position that Cr*ig was a few weeks ago, I've had to consider whether I will feel similar remorse if I do manage to sell my old brush, and can say with confidence that the answer is no. My bathroom is now quite crowded, and I am looking forward to divesting myself of my old brush and freeing up some floor space.

Although I've never done it myself, I think I understand the principles well enough to help you devise a holder for this brush. Again, I have no macaroni, and would advise against using it as a decoration anyway.

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