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That's right: we're broken. Silicon Valley has laid us across it's lap and whacked our butts with a hard, cold paddle. And we've had enough!

We're going to Vermont, where housing costs considerably less than $2k per month and you can park wherever you damn well please.

We want to leave behind all reminders of this God-forsaken technocracy - to "Become Vermont" entails eschewing all things Non-Vermont, including rubber spatulas purchased at the Safeway on El Camino.

Sunday, March 17, 9am-1pm, 933 Florence Lane, Menlo Park. (3 blocks off or Santa Cruz.)

* Kitchen stuff - once your company closes, the free lunches are gonna end.
* Dishes -
* Glasses - good for post-layoff drinking binges
* Small Furniture items
* Lamps
* Household Accessories / Appliances
* Two bikes - one a smallish women's mountain variety, one a larger cruiser type (both in excellent condition)
* The general flotsam that accumulates as we stand still, awaiting the moment of activity that necessitates the line between pack-worthy and not.

You're staying here? Terrific. Good for you. You'll need some new (used) wicker boxes. Trust me. And vases - we've got plenty of vases from Flowers.com and 1-800-Flowers.com and YouNeedFlowers.com and WeGotFlowers.com. Take your pick.

Looking for a suitable crucible for your worthless Pets.com stock certificates? How about a large Weber grill, complete with utensils, chimney (for starting sans lighter fluid) and some coals... It's an evil Silicon Valley grill, but maybe you'll like it.

Cash only. We don't work for options anymore. Deal with it.

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