Originally Posted: 2002-02-09 7:46pm

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First I got a computer. Then I found out about craigslist. Well it quickly became obvious that a "pic" was imperative so I got a "pic". Now I had to learn the online lingo and how to market myself, what wording to use to skirt the fact that I am a relatively average middle age guy, no problem, I found out pretty quickly that I am actually just a VGL hunky late thirties stud. So I stretched the truth a bit.
Well, here's the bottom line, six months later I have done nothing but sit in front of this damn computer putting postings on craigslist as well as responding to the postings of others. I haven't been to the gym in months, am snacking on Spam and Ritz crackers and chain smoking. I have gained ten pounds and developped quite a hack.

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