Originally Posted: 2002-01-27 12:18am

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...one day this 25yr-old gay-boy looks into the mirror and says, "Girl, why can't you skate?!--YOU SUCK!"

similar experience?...somewhat?...full-on?

i feel you.......i do.

but there is hope. there are others. there is the GAY NEWBIE SKATE SQUAD...and the collective is growing...and ummm...the two of us want to hear from you; the 25-35ish gay guys who want to learn to skate and generally want to hang-out.

my skating is rated-g at the moment. eventually i'd like to get pg-13 and learn to ollie. i'm not going for hardcore x-games stuff...but if YOU want to...neat-O, i'll cheer you on.

playdates have been generally held on the weekends on sat. afternoons and we'll probably add a sunday-skate-service, if you will, late sunday mornings...fresh, huh?!!!

if you don't have a skateboard, i'll share mine. then you can decide if you'll love skateboarding forever, which you will. then, i'll tag-along when you buy your new skateboard.

some 'buts'...and 'answers'...sorta:

- but, i'm a dork and i don't want to look retarded...
- fact-O-life: skateboards are cool...or just keep thinking that, u'll pull it off.

- but, my shoes...the griptape's gonna mess 'em all up!
- i've given myself a 'cute-sneaker-allowance'...ta-dah, new shoes!!!

- but, i'm straight.
- that's ok, you can be the token straight guy.

...anyway, email me right now if your interested. please don't be a psycho.


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