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From the Craigslist Archives: 100 Years Ago.

Damnation! Cable Car Bells. Day and Evening - Clang! Clang! Clang!

I Paid $2 for a Lady of the Evening in the Barbary Coast. Was I Taken Advantage of?

W4M: Skinny Ladies - Abandon all Hope of Finding a Gentleman. Society Would Think We cannot Afford to Feed You.

RE: Cherokee, etc. ... You had no Less than Seven Spelling Errors in Your Missive.

Re: Damn Ferries! ... Bridges Traversing the Bay? That's a good one! You, Sir, are a Loon!

Progeny Persist in Playing Ragtime so Loudly on the Pianoforte that I cannot Concentrate on Reading Ovid.

Was Saturday Night Live as Funny Last Night as it was in 1871? I Think NOT.

RE: Stop Tapping Your Key so Hard ... I Shall TAP My Key as Hard as I Please.

To the Clerk at Trader Josephs

Secondhand Rum Fumes Kill Innocent Babies.

Re: Opium Den ... We Call it 530 here. The Coppers do not Know what that Means.

I Predict that in 100 Years We Shall all Respect & Love One Another & Stop this Petty Bickering

Youngsters Bundling without Chaperones! Do They Really do this??? Can it be Stopped???

Cherokee Savages Have the Smallest Male Members

Benjamin & Gerald Name Iced-Cream in Honor of John Philip Sousa

RE: My Electric is Off Again ... Cheapskate. Switch to Westinghouse. Expensive but Reliable.

Where Might a Visitor Find a Good 13 Course Dinner in the City?

Damn Ferries! In the Future We Shall Cross the Bay on Bridges and be Done with Them.

All Who Invested Their Savings in the Kinetescope Business are Fools

French Maids!!! Stereo-Opticon Cards. Twelve for $1.

Christopher Pennington, Esq., Invites All to His Home on Nob Hill for Coffee & Cakes on New Year's Day.

To the "Gentlemen" on Polk Street Who Scared My Horses. Pull Up Your Pants!!!

RE: Re: Krauts, etc., etc., ... and the Pollacks!

Next Summer's Bathing Costumes are Scandalous.

Would a Kind Member of the CL Community Please Direct Me to a Respectable Opium Den?

Anarchist Rally this Weekend. Time & Place Unknown. BYOB.

Re: Krauts, etc. ... You Forgot the Chinks, Spics and Jews.

A Teaspoon or Two of Laudanum Helps Children Sleep.

I Wish to Punch a Drinker of Demon Rum Right in the Face.

Gain 50 Pounds in 50 Days. You Need not Look Like a Starving Peasant. All New - Pure Lard Diet!


English Building Unsinkable Ship. USA Lags in Technology.

My Electric is Off Again. Edison Will Not Answer His Telephone.

Stop Tapping Your Key so Hard. It is the Equivalent of Shouting.

M4W: Honest Farmer 65 Seeks Healthy Wife 18 to Bear Children, Pull Plow, Cook

To the Surrey (with the fringe on top) that Splashed Me with Mud on Third Street

Rapscallions, Pull Up You Pants!

KKK Cross Burning Tonight. Good Family Fun.

Roosevelt More Evil than the Kaiser. I am Ashamed of My Country.

For the Boys - Ankle Flash

Krauts, Micks, Wops: the downfall of America.

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