Originally Posted: 2001-12-15 12:31pm

favorite this post craig needs to sell his '92 Saturn SL2 - $2900

Well, I'm getting the Toyota hybrid gas/electric car, so it's
time to sell my faithful '92 Saturn SL2. I don't really like
driving, so it has only a little over 56,000 miles on it.

It drives just fine, though it's a little scratched up from
street parking. It has plastic side panels, and that means
essentially no dents.

It has air conditioning, power locks and windows, driver-side air bag,
and sun roof, with a decent after-market CD player with removable faceplate,
and new brakes. Manual transmission, good for hills around here.

I have complete repair records. Current problems:

-- some leakage from the sun roof in heavy rains

-- slow oil leak, though with regular oil changes, I add a pint
in every three or four months

-- you have to make sure you really set the faceplate into the

-- shoulder harnesses don't move forward to get out of your way

-- seat belt warning light permanently on

Hey, if you're interested, please call me at -redacted-, or email
me at craig@craigslist.org. I'll throw in a plastic pocket protector
to seal the deal.



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