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Oh lord. I have to move. Not cause I’m the roommate from hell, but my roommates and I are at the end of our lease and considering the rent we pay, it’s time to be brave and look at what is out there. December 15th or at the latest January 1st move-in.

The thing is, like the personal postings, I feel incredibly flawed and frustrated as I look for my match. I know I am a considerate roommate, who shares her food, pays her rent on time and keeps my neurosis in my room, yet I feel unwanted.

Thing is, and I’m gonna list um, cause I like to make lists, here are my (or your) sticking points:

1. I’m a smoker. Oh! Evil! Yet, bare with me, I prefer to smoke outside. And I wash my hands. With nice smelling, expensive soap. Which I will provide.

2. I want a cat. I really, really do. It’s been years since co-habituating with a furry feline and I find myself cruising the SPCA website for a fix. Maybe I would be happy sharing yours, but it’s all about options. You can come with me to pick it out. Help name it. We can make costumes for it and take it for walks? I’m grasping here.

3. I have no money for a deposit. I’m a paycheck to paycheck living gal. But shoot, I have $1,300 for move-in costs, and this includes whatever rent I end up paying. And since I am looking for cheaper rent then what I have been paying, but am used to the $1,300 range, I can add in extra money each month tell the deposit is met. So willing to work with you to get the deposit needed. Desperate hand wrenching inserted here.

4. And the big one. Crappy credit. From years of living off my credit cards and thinking it was, uh, free money? I’m an adult now; I have no credit cards. I learned my lesson. But in no way, shape or form will I bring you a credit report. Humiliating.

5. I’m picky. I want trees outside my front door (or on the same block) and good coffee houses around the corner, so my neighborhood choices are pretty non-negotiable:

A. Duboce Triangle area
B. Castro
C. Dolores Park/Inner Mission area
D. Lower Haight

See? A picky, smoking, cat loving gal with shitty credit and no deposit. My Mother would not be proud. Yet she is! Okay, she lives in another state (another bonus) so it’s not like she knows the real story.

Yet, my roommates love me. I can give stellar references. I am a sweet girl (woman some days, I'm 31) with fabulous taste who has wonderful friends who don’t take over your house cause they are more responsible then I and have places of their own. I don’t have crappy boyfriends who eat your food or weird dietary restrictions that make me high-maintenance. I’m funnier then most, have urban like taste in entertainment and I always knock before entering.

I’m flawed. I’m not perfect. I’m soon to be homeless.

But I have hope. I do. Please don’t point and laugh and call me naive.

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