Originally Posted: 2001-11-26 3:22pm
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5ft 11in. 34 years old. Dark hair with a bit of grey. Jack Nicholson style eyebrows. Lovable. Never has money (except for ultimately important items... e.g. anything to do with dirt biking) .Definite lack of cash when it comes to splitting bills. Always can be depended on stealing food (in a very friendly manner), laundry soap, toilet paper (and other paper items). Always good for a laugh except when passed on on the couch. Addicted to TV but swears he never watches it. Incredibly smelly feet. Snores very loudly. Amazingly talented at covering the whole bathroom mirror with splashes during shaving... must be a certain talent. Always needs cleaning up after in the kitchen. Loves motorcycles, and whining about most things. Going cheap... very cheap. Any offer considered. Have to sell and transport along with three motorcycles, two bicycles, several large containers of tools, various picnic chairs and other totally useless items, a smelly unframed futon, two black filing cabinets, several bags of filthy laundry, a Toyota Tundra, a large Brown Van, and an extremely unwieldy motorcycle trailer that needs to be parked off road in your driveway or extremely large garage, car port, or garden. Will come quietly... thanks to duct tape across upper openings.

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