Originally Posted: 2001-11-21 12:46am
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Sound Advice for "Bi-Curious" Girls

Okay, first off, if you want to get laid, avoid using the term "bi-curious." It is a flat-out turn off to anyone who has spent any time in the queer community. It sounds dumb, and it makes you sound dumb. Now you know.

Secondly, leave out the sob story about the long-suppressed fantasy. Heads up, every queer here has a sob story! Yours isn't special, in fact its boring.

Thirdly, just describe the woman you want. Skip the sexual history and don't worry about coming up with a label for yourself. Saying (and showing) you're into girls is usually proof enough. If she cares about the rest, she'll ask.

Fourthly, go to gay bars. If you don't know where one is, do your homework. Make some phone calls, surf the internet, walk around the Mission. Meet people. Treat everyone you meet as a potential friend, not a potential fuck. Friends are good. You can be honest with them and ask them for advice. Queer friendships can support you through the coming-out process.

Fifthly, lower your expectations (can't say it enough). Not all girls are cute, but some of them are smart and funny as hell.

Sixthly, leave your boyfriend out of it and at home. If he wants a threesome, tell him to take it up the ass from another man while you watch.

Lastly, confidence is the number one sexiest quality in any woman. If you sound ambivalent or unsure of yourself, how can you expect anyone else to take you seriously? Take heart, be brave, and seize the day.

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