Originally Posted: 2001-11-13 15:58

* champion freecell player available for even your most boring job *

do you need someone to sit and stare at a computer screen all day, listlessly answering a barely ringing phone, making the occasional pot of coffee or filing semi-useless documents?

i'm your gal!

i can sit for a full eight hours with little or nothing to do and still keep my sunny personality ready and waiting for your next mindless request. why? because even with endless hours on my ass, i have a trick to prevent my brain from turning into oatmeal.
how does she do it, you ask?


yes, enough with this internet nonsense. who needs a T1 when the microsoft office suite comes bountifully equipped with freecell?

god bless you, freecell, the chess of my desktop.

who can win a game with four aces buried in a stack replete with needless 3's? i can!
who throws caution to the wind and has no fear of three kings in the free spots if it'll free up some aces?
i do!

my stats are at 87%, my streak is 6, and i would have better stats if my goddamn computer hadn't crashed and ended a game i was definitively winning.

so if you need someone to sit at a desk and look very very concentrated as though working very very hard when in reality responsibility is menial and far-between, gimme a ring!

i'll call you back when i finish my next game of freecell.

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