Originally Posted: 2001-11-05 16:27

Give me your slightly used Ferrari 550 ( or G4 laptop)

Me (and my poor, crippled mother) really need a car to get to the unemployment office, as my Volkswagen Beetle won't pass smog. If your recent vintage, (98 or newer, please) Ferrari isn't getting used enough, please consider giving it to me and my mother. I would need you to pay for insurance and give me a credit card for gas, oh and drop it off at the shelter for me. Please wash it first and fill it with gas, as I am a man in hurry and can't imagine having to take time out from my busy day to do those sort of things. Please have your ( free and clear ) title ready for me.

Thank you... I will possibly accept multi-processor Sun boxes and Cisco BFR's, if you'll deliver and configure...

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