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favorite this post Sexy chick seeks same for..

Welcome to MacLesbos. We are offering a special today on overly-image-conscious, bi-curious and lonely girls with intimacy issues, may I take your order?

Uh, yes-- I'd like to order a medium sized, butch dyke, and could you please hold the S&M? Light humiliation is fine.

I'm sorry we're out of butch dykes, would you like an FTM or Boi instead?

Yeah, a boi is fine, I want brown eyes on that, hair shellacked, and tatoos.

Would you like to super size that for an extra dollar?

No, medium sized Boi would be fine. Could you make sure that she's 5'6, well dressed, fit and as shallow as I am?

No problem, would you like a drink with your order?

Yeah, a diet coke. And make sure she knows that this is a descreet encounter.

You bet! That'll be $5.65 at the window.

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