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favorite this post 'Almost Perfect' Studio

Excellent location near plentiful emergency services; 1 block from firehouse. Convenient ground floor unit faces street on major ambulance route. Free garbage pickup stop just outside window, every other morning (6am), recyclables pick-up thrice weekly.

Cracked tile kitchen countertop gives a modern “crazed” look. Heavy smokers will be in good company, including cannabis-users to the left and right of unit. Good mix of people in building including gregarious, off-at-3AM cocktail waitress in unit above, and cheery all-night whippit users within earshot.

Window coverings: Metal bars.
Laundry: Within a two BART stops.
Stove: Oil drum out back with fire in it.
Dishwasher: Not sure.
Disabled access: Often.
Parking: Available across street under abandoned overpass.
Outside Area: Garden space shared with crackhouse next door. Cultivated 5-frond plants included.
View: Fog.
Pets: Numerous species of bugs and small furry rodents.
Utilities: None, of course.
Rent: 2,500/mo.

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