Originally Posted: 2001-09-29 11:51am

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Seven years in San Francisco, and what a time I’ve
had! As a parting act of kindness, I wish to bestow
upon my dear friends the bounty of my shopaholic ways.
Therefore, you are cordially invited to attend my
Garage Sale-o-bration/Excuse to Get Tipsy on the
Sidewalk and Check Out You Fellow Shoppers While
Looking Though Other People’s Crap-tastic Stuff.
Everything, must go- Including me!

Who will you be?

The hot boy in the baseball shirt checking out the
VCR, TV, Microwave, blender, CD Player, dual cassette
deck, huge Yamaha studio monitors, or StyleWriter 1200

The Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears look-alikes
ogling the microwave cart, computer desk, steel-framed
futon, stylish marble side-table, dining room chairs,
TV table, 5-drawer dresser, lovely black
wood-and-cinder block turntable-and-mixer sized
set-up, or, heck, even the porn vids?

Or a very pensive JC contemplating the oodles of
records- mostly Gabber?

Perhaps the Eliza Dushku doppelganger checkin' out the
skateboards or rollerskates...

Heck, if you find a hottie at my garage sale, I'm even
selling a two-man tent. Reeeeoooooowwwww! *wink!*

What better way to check out a cutie than over a pile
of rad clothes and a mountain of cool trinkets, books,

Sunday, September 30 10AM-5PM
772 Sixth Ave. @ Fulton

Shove your hand into the spotted Dalmatian of bargains
and pull out a Buck-a-riffic Garage Sale Buck good for
$1, $5 or $10 worth of free stuff!!

I bet there will be booze if you ask nicely.

Please pass on the info!!

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