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For Sale - original high quality matching pair of 34-d series breasts

I have for sale one beautiful matching set of size 34 D breastsWhen I
say matching folks I am not fooling around not only did these babies
come prepackaged together from the manufacturer but they are indeed
twins in color, form AND size. This set is authentic in every way and
made from pure human flesh completely saline and silicon free.

This set would make an amazing gift for a girlfriend who needs a little
extra, a drag queen ready to really wow her fans or a lonely bachelor in
need of a little lovin. Personally, I dont know anyone who wouldnt be
blown away to receive a gift of this magnitude why say it with flowers
when you can say it with bodacious tatas?

You might ask why anyone would be willing to part with such a rare find.
And though it pains me to see them go I have to acknowledge that I
cannot provide the twins with the attention they deserve. Due to an
unfortunate series of events* the girls are being forced to waste away
their prime caged up and unattended to. I hope that their new owner can
find a way to share them with the world and give them a more fulfilling
life than I have been able to provide.

No legitimate seller would expect you to take just her word alone on the
quality of her merchandise so I am happy to provide you with the
following testimonials:

"Me and my friend just kept asking her to slow dance over and over again
at this wedding we were at." Freshman, Saint Johns High School, 14

"I nearly beat the shit out of my friend when he wouldn't stop telling
me how nice my sister's tits were." brother, 22

Hey hot mama why doncha let me come over there and suck on those babies?
Construction Worker Tino Giacomi, 32

As you would expect a product of this level of quality could cost you a
pretty penny even imitation versions often retail for five or even ten
thousand dollars. Today I am prepared to offer you a rare deal indeed,
you get both breasts, the complete set** for a mere $20,000***. Supplies
are obviously very limited so you would be wise to respond ASAP.

*Events to include but not limited to: a few pathetically boring first
dates, a number of weird spontaneously disappearing boys, daily ogling
without proper appreciation, occasional pawing and a general lack of
positive male attention.

** Price excludes tax and transportation fees, buyer assumes all
responsibility for installation and product up-keep.

*** Seller may be willing to trade for a new GTI or a credentialed

(i origonally posted this on W4M but apparently people would rather read "i am a hot SWF looking for a sugar daddy" over and over again than go out and cultivate a SENSE OF HUMOR)

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