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Ode to the Recruiter

Four months ago, I had time to relax
Oh some time off, free from e-mail from fax

Three months ago, I was still holding out
For that one perfect job, I still dreamt about

Two months ago, I was starting to find
No money for bills, and I longed for the grind

One month ago, I started to panic
Sent out more resumes! I became crazy and manic

So here’s to the recruiter, lord of my fate
Reader of the resume
Keeper of the gate

Just one year ago, you were my best friend
Praising and fawning o'er the resumes I’d send

“We want you, we love you, you’ll be our new star!
You’re the brightest, the greatest, the best out here by far!"

But where are you now? Not a callback in months
While more and more “qualified" join the unemployed bunch

So I sit and obsess about typos and such
Did I get the right name? Did I bug you too much?

I rewrite, and I tweak, and I bullet and bold
“But we’ll keep this on file," is all I’ve been told

I know I am qualified, I posses every skill
GO GETTER you say? I can and I will!

So I fax, and I mail, I network, I call
And talk about career fairs, I’ve been to them all

Oh Apple... Oh Netscape… Oh Adobe… and more…
I’d do anything to get my foot in the door

I’d die for some feedback, if you can’t bring me in
Do you see my bio amongst the hordes in the bin?

I just want to work, I don’t want to retreat
Please give me a chance, e-mail me, let’s meet!

Oh Dear Recruiter
Gatekeeper of all,
Please do me a favor, please give me a call.

Project Manager, amateur poet, seeks position in the Internet or software industry.

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