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BJ for Bus Pass?

First of all, when you asked me how i was doing and i said "alright" i was lying. in actuality i was trippin' hard off a really strong pot cookie. how strong? let's just say i'd been skipping the previous buses because i couldn't figure out how to stand up without my eyes falling out of their sockets. add in the factor that my hearing isn't so good from spending way too much money on concerts and i couldn't really understand what you were mumbling when you whispered, "blow you for a bus pass?"

I feel bad now for making you repeat yourself like 3 times and still not understanding what the hell you were talking about - I mean, yeah, I understood you needed money for bus fare, but i couldn't quite wrap my brain around the fact that you were offering fellatio in exchange. I mean, it's only four fucking dollars - you could very easily scrounge that up by just asking for spare change. Or were you actually trying to hustle up a transfer too?

Either way, I said something like "sorry, can't help you," cuz' i was having a hard enough time trying not to melt down every time the train whistle went off. it then dawned on me what you'd been getting at and i got so nervous and nauseous i had to go sit down. it was a weird combination of disgust, panic, and arousal - like, well, i've never been with a guy, and under choicer circumstances would probably prefer a regular out of the closet healthy moe in designer jeans, and maybe it's the pot talking, but maybe i could be into this. like, where would we go? an alleyway or bathroom? i can't imagine even keeping it up under such a scenario, and like, would you bring a rubber, and that wouldn't even necessarily protect me from genital warts, herpes, or what-not. I mean, what's the etiquette here?

either way, the prospect of bartering a bus pass for a BJ from a stranger in or around a public place was just the kind of random sleazy offer a guy spaced out on massive quantities of THC needs to round out his day. considering the spousal unit goes down on me maybe twice a year if i'm lucky, i probably should have said what the hell and saved you the trouble of approaching other men. that, or just given you the freakin' money no strings attached. hope you found a ride.

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