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Summer is over, the party too. Folsom has come and gone. The backroom fucking and the parties wont be as wild/hot until Dore. The holidays will be here before you know it...family is getting older, dying off...one by one and what are we left with? No nurturing wife, no kids, nothing like that at all. Oh we do have our friends, misery loves company, but we will do anything, literally anything to insist this is just how we want it! Somehow that mantra will make it so. This is the wake up call, but it is too late to change anything. Not as hot as you once were? I know how that feels. If you are over 46/47, you know what I am talking about; if you feign that you dont, you are lying to yourself. IF you are 20, this is your future. Sure, when you are older, you can still hook up for sex, there is not much else to do, but that is pretty much it. A relationship? Are you serious? If I dont disqualify you, you will me. Some of you have really let yourself go. Some of us have stayed in shape and are so picky no one can measure up. We do have our money and our things, but that is it. Nothing too deep. Lets act like actually caring about someone else is some sort of a measure weekness/character flaw. The lonely life of your average gay guy. I cant wait til so many of you flag this post. The ugly truth hurts. Deeply. If this isnt your reality now, it soon will be.

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