Originally Posted: 2003-07-13 19:59

Will trade demonic cat for a car

ok heres what i have ::: a demonic siamese mix kitten that is currently chewing on my foot::
when i got her i didnt know she was this way, she seemed pretty cute and was actually shy. well, after having her for like a month i have noticed that she is actually a demon from the nether world. now im sure someone can find good use for her...she is young and has already scared the living crap out of me and caused several serious injuries....so i figure that by the time shes like 4 years old she can be used as a powerful weapon against foreign countries, family feuds, ex boyfriends and or mafia wars. shes adorable and looks like Bucky from the comic Get Fuzzy...actually Bucky is her name...maybe thats where i went wrong.....but shes taking over my life...i cant walk into the kitchen without her chewing on my leg until i get her food...and i havent slept in 3 weeks for fear of the attacks

anyways i'll gladly trade this potentially leathal weapon for a car...it doesnt have to be new, just as long as it runs and wont break down every 2 days. i really need a car that actually runs and this cat is trying kill me and steal my soul so figure its a win win situation. i mean this cat will be worth A LOT of money one day as weapon that can be sold to the government, i just dont have the strength to withdstand to many more of her attacks. so if youre interested lets talk...i'll even include her litter box for a full tank of gas or fuzzy dice.

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