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favorite this post Lost something very important, BIG REWARD

I lost a job. It responds to the name, "You're hired." It is also a job that involved being good around people. It was about a 7 to12 dollar an hour job, but would GLADLY take 12+. It also had my resume attached to it, most likely around the neck. A poor college student was doing it... going into his junior year at SJSU. There is a reward which consists of an AMAZING EMPLOYEE ( me ) doing whatever it is you will pay me to do for 7-12 dollars an hour; including odd jobs such as juggling small animals* (i.e.: hamsters, ferrets, and petrified baby giraffes). I can do it all from sales to admin work and even internships. Light comedic interaction is included for free in all states except Minnesota in which case I am required by law to be morose or charge 10 cents per deposit of comedy. If you act now I will even include my original, intuitive, outgoing personality and amazing command of the English language for no, that’s right no, extra charge (as seen on this posting). Job should be fed once a year with light vacation time, flexible schedule to avoid class conflicts, friendly people, creative atmosphere, and an occasional lunch. I also enjoy exercise so I would gladly compete in a Gladiator-like to-the-death competition with another candidate if need be. Thanks!

* Only two animals can be juggled at one time and both must be of the same type. Void where prohibited, some restrictions apply.

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