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I was injured by a Crest Spin-Brush prototype. It put me out of work for six weeks. I'm a contract programmer by trade. It's a substantial amount of damages. I could try to 'find' a lawyer in the area who'd take my case, but then, that would be time on my side.

I've got till the new year to file, basically.

I've got the original evidence (the toothbrush) which Crest has requested, but my previous legal advice advised not to supply (which I agree with). The long and short of the defect is that the glue failed with baking soda toothpaste, and the bristles fell out out be so many little nylon darts that all wanted to go in their 'direction' (into my lungs). I inhaled some bristles, and I spent six weeks digesting/coughing them out (nobody really knows for sure where they 'went'). I'm pretty sure that the way it works is that digestive enzymes can denigrate nylon, and did. In any event, it was a 'blurb' on my earnings and health expenses, not my fault, and I'd like it back.

Now, my *main* problem is that I'm in the armpit of CA (Ukiah) and I've not *got* a whole lot of top-notch legal eagles available (my previous person got a scheduling problem, and the other two I've tried here weren't to my standards).

Basically, these guys (Crest) have *already* admitted fault (known defect of the original 'Dr. Johns' product), and they know the batch numbers, and they are obvious (I can send you a picture of any part you'd like).

I spent six weeks hacking up what felt like fishhooks stuck in my throat. I didn't get a bit of REM sleep during that period, and became nearly psychotic. I had three instances where large objects got stuffed down my throat (two while conscious, and the third had multiple items stuck down every possible path--to no avail).

I can describe in lurid detail all sorts of really *gross* things about the way a bit of nylon stuck between your vocal chords and your esophagus feels like.

I *don't* want to ever re-visit those memories again.

I'd like to have a lawyer who could ream these assholes (I've *tried* to work with them, but their 'work' is only stalling and trying to get the evidence).

So, I figured, "craigslist" (of course!), reverse it.

This is about as cut-and-dried a case as you might get, but w/o the magic 'legal' letterhead, no cash will flow from Crest. I say, "Take a freakin' bulldozer to the dam, boys!"

So, I was negotiating with them for damages. If 'triple-damages' exist in this state, and you can get me my damages w/o court, demand double damages, and keep the rest.

If we have to go to court, demand triple and keep the rest.

I'm pissed, and I'm lazy, and craigslist seems a whole bunch better than trying to call you all individually.

Byte me, Crest.

  • Compensation: standard legal fees
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • This is a contract job.
  • OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
  • OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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