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favorite this post TRADE: my exotic GF for your reliable YZF-R6

TRADE: my GF for your R6

I have a slightly used girlfriend, 1982 model, white with black top, 5’6”, 110 lbs with 36C cups and excellent tail. Features one of a kind exterior, wild styling, and razor sharp handling. Quite a looker, turns a lot of heads when parked somewhere. She sometimes runs a little rough but is extremely fun and performs quite well once you get her going. Has good after-market add-ons (tattoos, piercings, college degree) and comes with lots of accessories and some hard luggage. Can be cranky and a bit of trouble to start, especially on cold mornings. I don’t advise using the choke. Seems to idle okay most of the time, and fuel consumption is good, though response is best with premium beer. Sometimes she’s a little fussy, stops cooperating without any explanation, and wants to be in control most of the time. Then again, many of my friend’s wives are like that, so it seems like people don’t mind this sort of thing. I've invested a lot in her, and in some ways I'd hate to part with her. However, I realized I’m not looking for a project that requires this much attention, and the long term cost of maintenance on an exotic model like this is just killing me. Will trade for any year YZF-R6. Prefer a straight bike with no issues, minimal modifications. Ex-race bike is okay if it comes with clean papers and is ready for normal street duty. I can fix minor mechanical problems, and cosmetic damage is fine. However, I’m tired of trying to work miracles just to have a dependable source of fun.

Serious offers only – no test drives.

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