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Aircraft Carrier - $4.5M

Finally - a boat to fit your entire posse.

Now, you can own the ultimate in pimp-daddy accessories.

You need this ultra-mack 1942-1945 aircraft carrier in your bay.

Don't let another fleet week pass you by.

Let all 3rd world nations know you've arrived!

You may be asking yourself - what do I need an aircraft carrier for?
This is a party on the water ready to go.
Envision rolling up in Ensenada next to the cruise ships.
Ram anything in the water and win - got a mad airhorn to tell them bee-hotches to get out the way.
Launch late model cars off the deck with the catapult.
Park it in Lake Tahoe with a couple of "Keep Tahoe Blue" stickers.
Park it in the bay and open a Hooters or better yet open the largest travelling brothel in the world.
Open a 100 lane bowling alley on the water - add another element to the game
Start a catapult launch hang-gliding school

She's all that and a bucket o' wings.

This carrier's got all the bling-bling:

* Engine Type: 2 shaft Parsons geared steam turbines, 4 Admiralty 3 drum boilers
* H.P.: 36,000 SHP
* Fuel: Oil
* Capacity: 3,196 Tons plus 98,000 gallons of Aviation fuel
* Endurance: 12,000 Nautical miles @ 14 Knots, 6,200 Nautical Miles @ 25 Knots
* Radars: Air search, Lockheed SPS 40B, Surface search Plessey AWS 4 Navigation Signaal ZW 06
* Catapult: 1 Mactaggart Scott C 3 steam powered 8.5 degree launch
* 1 Thumpin PA sound system - to keep that party goin' long into the night

Length: 693’3" Overall, 630’ Waterline, 690’ Flight deck
Beam: 80’ 119’ 6" Flight deck
Draught: 23’ Fore 23’ 5" aft

Laid-up 1987, Refitted 1991-1993, Refitted 1997-1998, so it's mad tight yo.

Check it here:

It's time for somebody to pony up and give this ulimate party boat the pimpin' life she deserves.

Clearly a bargain for $4,500,000

Holler back if you are ready to elevate your game.

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