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I think that most guys are easy to please when it comes to sucking their cock. Sure, you might find yourself the occasional connoisseur, but generally if you go for quantity over quality you can't go wrong. But, if you want to blow his mind when you blow his cock, here's some tips. I've got most of my information from asking other people, both guys and girls, and I've included stuff I've learned in my experience as a cock-sucking slut!

First of all, the general opinion seems to be that unless there's a pressing reason (like you're sucking off total strangers on a crowded train) it's preferable if you're naked. Particularly if you've got nice tits (and let's face it, boys are less fussy about the tits they can get in their bedroom than they are about the ones in porn), topless is almost a minimum requirement. There are a couple of advantages to being naked when you're giving a blowjob. Firstly, it's easier to clean up -- just rub anything that lands on you into your skin. Sure, you'll never get a nice Monica Lewinski-style souvenir, but at the same time you'll save money on dry cleaning. Secondly, it means easy access so you or he can play with your bits and pieces -- you'll both love it, more on this later.

Now, obviously getting naked before giving head will decrease the spontaneity a bit. Spontaneity is something a lot of guys like, and I think there are a few reasons. Firstly, the idea that you can't wait to drink the cum straight out of him will probably drive your man wild. I remember watching in awe as my best friend dropped to her knees at a music festival once, her man loved it so much she only just got her mouth around his dick in time to swallow his load. I think a spontaneous blowjob also has a subtle psychological effect. If you randomly whip out his cock and suck him off, it will seem more likely to him that you'll do it again some time.

So to put a bit of that spontaneity back in, you could try a couple of things that work for me. Obviously, you could take advantage of already being naked, if you're changing clothes or having a shower. Another thing I've found drives most men wild is to drop to your knees, start sucking on their cock, and then tear your clothes off. Finally, you could do a little bit of planning and be wearing something that will come off quickly and easily as you move toward his big, throbbing member. You could, of course, suck him off fully clothed every once in a while, some guys love it like that, some like to have a view.

A very important facet of your blowjob is what I will, for want of a better word, call presentation. I've found that there's not much turns a man on more than the idea that you can't resist sucking on his dick. Paradoxically, a bit of teasing is also a big help, particularly if you're trying to make and impression. The old sucking on a prop trick is clich├ęd because it works -- don't be scared to use it. If there's nothing suitable readily available, suck on your finger. This is extremely effective if you do it in public. Just keep your eyes locked on his, so he knows the prop is standing in for his dick, not someone else's.

In a similar vein, give him a big sloppy kiss and pretend his tongue is his dick. Suck it into your mouth and run your tongue over it. Some guys like this more than others.

Once you get him alone with plenty of time, give him a show. You or he can take your clothes off, but if you want him to do it you might need to get it started to give him the idea -- men can be a bit slow sometimes! If you're a confident girl, give him a bit of a striptease, with or without music, finish up with a few sexy poses, then get out his dick and chow down. If you're a bit less outgoing, or you're shy, take your own clothes off, but do it slowly. One thing that used to help me was imagining your hands belong to someone else. Move a slowly as you can, turning occasionally. Caress your own skin like a lover should. A big teasing tip: remove your underwear with your back to him, but turn between bra and panties so he gets a look at your tits. Pinch your nipples a bit for him, I've never met a man that didn't work on. If you're insecure about your body, do all this with the lights low; guys have a pretty good imagination, so chances are he'll remember you looking sexier than you think.

So now we're at the stage where you're naked and he's starting to go crazy with lust. You need to get over there and start sucking, and you can just do that directly if you want. This works well in terms of making him feel irresistible. I would recommend saying something like, "Get that big dick out, honey, I want to suck you dry," as you advance on him. Try to time it so your knees hit the floor as his cock pops out of his pants, that way it's more like a porn movie, and he'll love it.

To keep things in your control, you need to keep him mesmerised, so I'd recommend slow and sexy movements. If he's standing I like to walk over to him, swaying my hips, and grab his belt. Pull him up against you, press your tits into his chest, and kiss him as you undo his pants. Get down on your knees as you push his undies down; kiss down his body if you want, I would recommend looking into his eyes.

If he's sitting I like to crawl over to him. If he's on a chair I crawl all the way, but if he's on a bed I'll walk to the bed then crawl up to him. As you crawl, arch your back downward like a cat stretching. Try brushing your nipples on the floor. This leaves your ass sticking up in the air, and the crawling motion will make it sway enticingly. When you reach him, stop at his dick, give him a lustful look and start getting into his pants.

This is the point at which you either whip him out and get going, or you turn the teasing up to eleven. I have driven guys wild by starting to blow them through their underwear (this works better with stretchy skin-tight undies than with loose silk boxers). Try giving him the impression that as much as you're teasing him, the self-denial is twice as bad for you. A girlfriend of mine likes to savour the smell as if it's a cigar. Do whatever you feel like, the important thing is you're teasing him to make it better, not to make his life miserable!

How you proceed once you're face-to-face with his cock depends on what condition it's in. Young guys will be just about ready to cum, while old guys won't be hard yet (generally -- prepare to be surprised, it's part of the fun!). One thing I absolutely love is putting a flaccid dick in my mouth and feeling it swell up in there. I'll also pop the young guys straight in so that if they're going to lose it we can get the first one out of the way and start again. Otherwise I generally give the cock a bit of a tongue bath.

I'd like to talk a bit about taste. Personally, I think cock tastes good. It doesn't have to be straight out of the shower, I don't mind if it's developed a bit of an aroma, within reason. If you pull it out of his pants and the smell beats you over the head take him off to the shower, give him a rinse, and continue there. Trust me, most guys will do anything for head, so he won't mind. Just try not to grimace or retch. You might find a man who wants you to lick things off him. Whipped cream and stuff is fine (although wash well to avoid smelling of cheese), no problems. Lots of guys like you to lick your pussy juices off them (assuming you're not using a condom, which means only in a trusting relationship once you've been tested -- very important), which is something I have no problem with. I would advise you to taste yourself on your own if you think you might do this -- just lick your fingers when you masturbate, and that way you won't surprise yourself. Some guys want to do the ass-to-mouth thing they've seen in porn. Leave this one in the videos, it's not worth the risk associated with ingesting your own shit. Finally, personally I hate the taste of latex, but I know some of my girlfriends don't mind it. I always use flavoured condoms for casual sex so he'll at least taste of chocolatey latex.

So, we're up to licking his dick all over. Try to savour the experience, it'll turn him on even more if you're loving what you're doing. One important thing about cocks is that you can push them up (against his stomach), but it could hurt him if you push it down too hard (some guys love this, though). Most guys like it if you push their cock up against their stomach and lick the underside of it. You can move down and lick their balls (gently!), and I go a bit lower to lick the perineum. This is where if you are into it, and don't mind the risk, you can give your man's ass a bit of a licking.

Usually at this point you've got one hand lifting his cock by the tip, and the other's not really doing much, which leads us to the question of what to do with your hands. If you're lucky enough to have a big man, your hands will be very useful because they will be the only way to stimulate the base of his dick. Wrap your hand around his shaft and pump the bit you can't fit into your mouth. You can do the same thing if you want to concentrate on his head with your lips and tongue.

If you're at a loss, you could always play with yourself. I've sucked a lot of guys who loved to look down and see me sucking hard on their cock while I tweaked and pulled both my nipples. If you're planning to blow this guy again, be sure to show him the wet spot you leave behind because you got so turned on sucking on his big, beautiful, hard cock.

By now you should have a big, hard cock in your mouth (you lucky thing!) and your man's full attention. As far as I can tell, the consensus seems to be that sloppy is better. Make sure you're not dehydrated before you start so you can generate spit -- you want to leave a shiny layer all over him. He'll love the idea that you drool at the thought of sucking him off, and I'm told it feels better. This is also an area where fingering yourself gives you an advantage -- just use your own juices to lube him up, supplementing his precum and your saliva. You might have seen in porn (or maybe real life, who knows?!) girls spitting at cocks. This is something I personally find a bit weird, but if a guy asked for it I'd do it. What I find sexier is nestling him between my boobs and sort of dribbling on him. Anything that misses I just wipe from my tits onto his cock.

Speaking of this kind of thing, I've been with guys who've asked for a titfuck, and I'm usually happy to oblige. I think with this kind of thing the turn-on is more visual than anything else, so be sure to look up at him with your sexy eyes and make a real show of sliding your boobs over his hard-on. Rather than waste saliva on this (it's hard to make enough) I recommend you get some lube. If it doesn't make you feel silly, a bit of dirty talking wouldn't go astray. One thing I do like is rubbing the cock over my nipples. In fact I love to tell a man how wonderful his cock is as I rub it over my skin -- face, tits, nipples, through my hair. I think it's because it feels a bit naughty.

On the subject of talking, I have this to say: if you can talk to the guy, it's not a blowjob. Your mouth should be full most of the time. Don't get me wrong, handjobs are great, especially at the end. I love to watch a dick twitch and pump a big load of cum at me, watch it fly towards me, and feel it splatter on my skin. If you're giving head, however, there needs to be lots of contact between your mouth and his dick. If you want to talk to him, do it between deep sucks of his cock. For example, ask him how it feels, then bury him in your mouth while he groans his ecstatic response, then pop him out again and tell him you love it too. Also, give him the impression talking is secondary to sucking by not answering him immediately. If he asks you a yes/no question, don't even take him out of your mouth, just answer with an "Uh-huh" with your mouth full.

In terms of incoherent noises, I would advise you not to fake sexual pleasure -- most guys won't buy it if you fake an orgasm while blowing them. If you do want to make some sort of moan, think more of eating a delicious chocolate dessert rather than being skilfully fingered. Of course, if you're going to cum for real, just let it out, and if you are playing with yourself (or he's playing with you), respond to that too. The noises he really wants to hear are the ones that show how hard you're working -- the sucking, slurping, popping noise of a girl trying as hard as she can to drink her man's cum!

If you talk to him, don't be too clever -- remember most of his blood's not in his brain anymore! When I first see his cock I like to complement it -- tell him it's big, hot, hard, beautiful, whatever's not too blatant a lie. If you really can't complement its appearance, give it a good licking or sucking and then tell him it's delicious. In fact, tell him that regardless. During the course of the blowjob you can reinforce the message by repeating it. You could also tell him how much you love what you're doing, or how turned on you are (don't lie about this -- he might check). If this is just stage one of the lovemaking, tell him what you look forward to doing next. If he's a stranger you've picked up, you could tell him you never do this but you find him irresistible. At the end, it's usually a good idea to give the guy permission and encouragement. It's nice to let him know you want to swallow, or take it on your face, or whatever. If there's something you don't want, tell him you do want something else, so instead of, "Don't you dare cum in my mouth, you perve," go for, "I want it all over my tits, you big stud." If you don't want the cum on you, tell him you want to watch it shoot, then point his dick past you.

As far as technique goes, I think it comes pretty naturally. You're mimicking intercourse using your mouth, essentially. The difference is teeth, tongue, and the "fact" that good girls don't do it. Lots of guys are freaked out by teeth in blowjobs, some guys like it. You could ask, but I prefer to let him ask me for it. Generally, just use your teeth either to scrape gently over the shaft, or to kind of grip the head at the back and pull, once again, gently! The tongue is a whole other matter. You need to use it. I don't have a tongue piercing because I like my teeth and don't want them chipped or ground down, but apparently this really does make a difference. Your tongue should slither around him, wrapping itself around the head, sliding along the shaft. Your technique will vary depending on the length of your tongue. A favourite among guys seems to be sticking your tongue out to lick his balls while his dick is buried in your mouth, but unless he's miniscule you'll need to control your gag reflex.

Now, guys love going down your throat, which is something I blame on porn. I personally have a gag reflex, so I can't do the relentless throat-fucking thing you see in movies, and I don't think there's anything sexy about puking. If you are with someone who wants to make you throw up, make sure you get most of it on him. This deep-throat thing is ok as long as you're in control, though. Once again, probably because it feels naughty, it can be a real turn-on to go as far down a cock as you can. I think guys actually prefer it if you gag a little bit, pop up for air, then dive straight back onto them, rather than either the professional "I can do this all night" thing or if you go too hard and spend minutes coughing. If a guy grabs your head and you're not one of those girls who likes that, or if you don't trust this particular guy, take his hands and move them down to your nipples. Then suck him as deep and as hard as you can to show there's no hard feelings.

If you're still at a loss as far as technique goes, get some porn and try anything you see that you like. What's even more fun is to get some porn, then watch it with your man and give him what he sees on screen (maybe a good idea to check the movie on your own first to avoid nasty surprises!). Guys love it if you can give them exactly the same rhythm and action as the slut on screen.

After doing your thing for a while, he'll be getting ready to unload for you. If you're a bit inexperienced and can't tell, he'll start to do something different -- lots of guys start to thrust at you, which means they want you to use their rhythm rather than yours so go with that; some guys go still, so basically don't let that freak you out; some guys start talking more, or get less coherent and more grunty. If he starts saying, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," over and over, he's probably a little way off and needs some help, which you can provide by popping him out of your mouth and begging for a big load!

You'll learn to read the signs pretty easily -- when he cums, his pelvic muscles all squeeze up to shoot the semen out of him and this means his balls will lift up and his shaft will twitch. Then you'll find yourself with a jet of spunk to deal with, and you should think about how you're going to do that well before it happens.

Personally, I think cum tastes fantastic -- I'd buy it in bottles if I could -- so obviously I have no problem swallowing it. If you do, I suggest two things. First of all, catch it on your skin, then rub it in -- it's sexy without you needing to taste it. Secondly, try to acquire a taste for it, because there are some fun places you can blow a man where you don't want to leave a mess (your car, for example).

Some guys want to cum on you (usually face or tits after a blowjob), which might be their way of marking you or something. Whatever it is, there's not much reason not to let them if you're in private. If you're in public (or about to be), maybe consider just how bad the consequences could be, although chances are people won't really notice much. One of the sexiest things I've ever done was to blow a random guy first thing in the morning at university, have him wipe his dick in my hair, and then walk around all day being able to smell the faint aroma of cock in my hair. None of my girlfriends commented, so I assume they didn't notice, but I was so turned on I had to go and buy some more panties at lunchtime.

To give a man the best of both worlds, do one of these, then the other. Either have him cum on you, then scoop it up and eat it, or collect his cum in your mouth and dribble it all over yourself. I have a friend who likes to "accidentally on purpose" get a few dribbles on her clothes to make herself look and feel more slutty.

Once you finish, don't forget to thank him -- he'll thank you, but won't expect thanks back. If he's a regular of yours tell him you have so much fun you need to do it more often. If he's more of a one-off thing tell him you'd love to do it again.

I hope all this helps. Please remember to be safe, and that nobody has the right to force you to do something you don't want to do.

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