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Originally Posted: 2009-05-01 16:46

80' Sea Serpent Dragon

We are selling our 80 foot sea serpent.

Potential Uses
This large art construction/installation could be easily assembled to fit many spaces or projects. The serpent has a manually animated head and spews smoke from its nostrils (safe for indoor use). It would be perfect for a Burning Man project. It would make a great addition to a prop warehouse for theater or film. It would create an awesome atmosphere for nightclubs, concerts (imagine your Metal band with an 80’ serpent spewing smoke), raves, festivals or other music events. This dragon would be fabulous in a Renaissance fair, or other public festival. The head could go into a miniature golf course or other outdoor family attraction. It would be a killer addition to someone’s art space or private residence. This dragon / sea serpent would really make someone’s space or event.

Quality of Build
The serpent was designed to last in a parade on the bay. Its construction is durable and weather resistant.
The Head
The head has a wood and chicken wire armature. The head frame is built out of 1x2 pine boards. Two 24-inch eye-bolts are connected to the wood frame. Two lines of cable or rope connected to these bolts can control the height as well as tilt of the head. The skin of the head is fiberglass coated in exterior grade house paint. It is light and strong, and durable in indoor or outdoor environments.
The Body
The body hangs from a 100’ backbone of plastic gas piping. 3’ diameter sonotubes form ribs which are reinforced by PVC piping. The ribs are connected to the backbone using simpson straps and hose clamps. This creates skeleton that is rigid when fixed, but flexible to create complex curves during assembly. The skin of the body is formed with over 250 2’ by 1’ fiberboard scales, screwed into the sonotube ribs. Each scale is painted using exterior grade house paint, and has metallic gold highlights. The belly of the beast is covered in a canvas skin.
The neck of the serpent is flexible even after assembly and allows for vertical and horizontal movement of the head. The construction allows for vigorous movement within an over 90 degree arc. The tail section is also flexible and can be animated.
Some of the Material Components
Fiberglass (5 gallons of epoxy, and 100 square feet of fibermat)
15 1x2 8’ lengths of pine
50 square feet of chicken wire
7 gallons of exterior grade house paint
100 feet of plastic gas pipe
50+ 8’ lengths of pvc pipe
20 8’x4’ fiberboard sheets
40+ 3’ diameter sonotube ribs
50 square feet of canvas
7+ lbs of screws
50+ simpson straps
120+ hose clamps
1 Fog machine

All totaled there are approximately $3000 worth of materials in the serpent.

History of Serpent
The serpent was constructed for the 2009 P.I.C.Y.A. opening day parade. It was built by a team of 7 artists and builders over a four week period. The components were constructed off site and assembled on the boat for the parade. A lot of hard work and love went into its construction and it won first place in its category. The serpent currently lives in the Emeryville marina.

We are currently accepting offers for the serpent. Our first priority is that the serpent finds a good home where it will get use. If you have a space or event you think could benefit from an 80 foot sea serpent, please contact us with a description of your event and make an offer.

Via email or phone 415.424.5682

More photos of the serpent and its construction can be found on flickr

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